Things that scare me



I have always been afraid of clowns. Even as a child, I found their make-up macabre. Needless to say, I will never go to see IT.


A few weeks ago, I woke up, went to the front door; and found a snake curled up inside my house. I managed to regain my composure and get rid of it. I wasn’t truly scared. But if I wake up in the middle of the night and a cockroach skitters across the floor I will scream the house down. I know it’s out of proportion to the actual threat, but even pictures of cockroaches disgust me. 


I have a fear of being trapped in an elevator. The worst feeling is getting in an elevator and suddenly the alarm goes off because you have too many passengers. I always have a moment of panic that I’ll be trapped inside as it plunges down to the basement floor. 

Abandoned cars

 Every know and then, you’ll come across and abandoned vehicle, grass overgrown, tire missing and for some reason I also imagine something horrible happened. More than likely, it was just old and left to rot, but I can’t help but feel like it’s haunted.

Creepy music boxes 

I am both intrigued and creeped out by music boxes. There is a music box museum that my husband and I visit sometimes. It also has a variety of restored organ grinders and the like. One of my favorite pastimes is to listen to haunted music boxes on youtube.

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  1. I don’t like roaches either…. re: elevators. I used to have to really brace myself to climb on an escalator. I just knew I was going to get caught on something as the tread would to under at the other end. Still would rather take the stairs, but I’m a lot better! My post is here

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  2. Roaches are NASTY creatures ::: shudders:::: … and I’m with you on music boxes. Re: elevators–I don’t mind the new ones, but I live in New England where many businesses are in centuries old buildings and I swear the elevators are pulled up and down by horses. I’d sooner scale the outside of the building than ride in them. I get a workout when I go to the dentist, as they’re on the top of an old building and I refuse to ride their elevator, lol.

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  3. I’m starting to fear clowns, too. It’s interesting to see how a persons’s fears can shift over time.

    And cockroaches are definitely scary. Ugh.

    My post.

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  4. Abandoned cars is an interesting one to me. Any sort of ruins, really; I once stumbled onto a place that obviously used to be a good-sized house, but was now just the foundation. It was interesting, but also very creepy. Of course, the part where it was off in the middle of the woods probably didn’t help…

    My answer is here

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  5. Elevators never bothered me until I got onto one at the Fitzgerald (now The D) in downtown Las Vegas. It was the ricketiest, most frightening elevator I’ve ever ridden in.

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