Will Annalisha choose a senator who wants her bloodline or the Terran who wants her heart and soul?

Dr. Annalisha Montague has earned a glowing reputation as a Terran scientist. She has also attracted the attention of two men, a senator who wants her for her bloodline and a Terran commander who wants her heart and soul. Will she choose to honor her bloodline or her heart?


New soldiers and alien tech make Brennus and Diana fight for what they want most. Each other.

Diana Aventina is a ranking senator serving the Terran Republic. Her lineage is one of power and influence. She’s courted by powerful men for a bloodline match, but hasn’t found anyone suitable. Power means sacrificing everything for a higher cause, even love.

Brennus is a legendary commander picked to lead all the armed forces. On the mysterious wintry world of Sobek he’s discovered a weapon that may change the future of the Terran Republic. His star is on the rise, and he wants a powerful woman like Diana by his side.

But the weapon might not be all it seems. And a new line of Terran soldiers threaten the stability of the Republic. Brennus and Diana can’t fight their desire for each other, but they may lose the Republic in the process.


Bonding with a ship? Fascinating. Bonding with her co-pilot? A definite need.

Kerylis Delgado is a top ranked fighter pilot for the Terran Republic Asteri Elite. She’s got a dream assignment working with sentient ships and a sexy, alien co-pilot named Nyin. His muscular body and long blue hair stir up all kinds of lustful thoughts — ones that he might be able to hear.

Nyin feels an attraction to this vibrant, rough-around-the-edges human woman. Stronger than he’s ever felt with any other. Working so closely with her each day makes him struggle to keep his feelings to himself — not so easy when you’re a telepath.

As they both work to get a hybrid ship up in the air, they will discover that there are some thoughts that run deeper than telepathy.


“I enjoyed this first book of the Terran series. The characters are interesting and well written. The story is entertaining and full of danger and romance.”

— 4 Stars from Heather W., Amazon Review

“The feel of Jurassic Park… It is a quick read with action and danger mixed into a love story. Who will Annalisha go for, the senator or Rydon — I know who I am rooting for. It was an interesting story and I enjoyed it. It is a little bit sci-fi and a little bit fantasy with a little bit of naughty too.”

— 4 Stars from CrystalCrossings, Amazon Review

“Thrilling story of alien love! This story expands on the basis that love can happen in any shape or form or species! Awesome story,!!” 

— Amazon Review

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