Sci Fi Romance Quarterly call for submissions and blogging updates

Howdy! For all you writers out there, the Sci Fi Romance Quarterly is accepting short stories for Issue #7. Deadline in June 1, 2015. It’s a paying market for SF romance of all shades and subgenres. Fiction editor is Diane Dooley.

Also, check out some of my posts at Smart Girls Love Sci Fi. Great interviews with Cathy Pegau and Cara Bristol. And an SF Obscure post on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I hope to have more coming soon.

And I have a new board up on PINTEREST with inspirations for my current WIP, The Broken King. Check it out. I also want to thank those members of the RWA forums for helping me to brainstorm a title.



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Spring comes one day and goes away the next.

I’m currently hard at work on a novel. Revision takes time. Anyhow, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some wonderful writers Roslyn Hardy Holcomb and Lisa G. Riley and doing a cover reveal for Anna Hackett. And I wrote another SF Obscure article on Tru Calling and Threshold.

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I love SF, I love paranormal, I love fantasy.  Basically, when a story takes place in an alternate world I like to escape into it. I join lots of groups for the like minded and thanks to the wonderful Sci-Fi Romance group on Facebook I was tagged for a post by PJ Dean author of Felig Chronicles (and the very, very good historical romance Kindred: An American Love Story which I love for all kinds of reasons).


So I want to point out the works of Rae Lori, whose Cimmerian Stories set in a future dystopia. Wonderful heroine whose African American and First Nations and an Asian American hero. A neat combination of futuristic romance and urban fantasy. Plus it’s very low heat level for those who want to share with all audiences.
S.J. Pajonas has a neat New Adult series, the Nogiku series,  set in a dystopia-this time based on Japanese culture. It very detailed with and intriguing mix that is not to be missed. Check them all out.


And Misa Buckley’s book Tin Cat, which is a lovely read that I liked from first time I read it and still do. A heroine living with disabilities that has a real life and not a stereotype. It’s just so enjoyable.


I think this tagging event started with Pauline Baird Jones (read her books and her blog because it’s funny) and continued with Veronica Scott and her wonderful. award winning SFR series.

It’s 2015

I’m happy for another day…I hope you are! Not much happening, but I will continue with SF Obscure at the Smart Girls Blog this year as well as contributing to the Sci Fi Romance Quarterly. If you haven’t gotten your copy, do. It’s FREE.


In writing updates, the next M/M fantasy novella, is back from the beta reader with comments galore. The latest is being outlined right now. Or at least, it should be as soon as I stop doing this and go back to typing.