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Stuff I’ve watched the long, hot days of summer.

Howdy! I thought I’d share a few new shows that I gave a shot this summer. I’ve been doing lots of re-watches actually. Since it’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and Star Trek Beyond doesn’t premiere in Japan until October I’ve consoled myself with a re-watch of my favorite Trek series Deep Space Nine. (I might blog about that, I’m up to season 4.) But I did get some time to watch a few newer shows. And here goes my reviews.

Minority Report

I wanted to like Minority Report. I really did. I wanted to cheer for a Black female heroine and I even enjoyed the movie. But the show. Well. It didn’t quite come together for me. Most of the first episode is explaining the premise of the movie and showing off cool futuristic stuff. High techie DNA stuff;  Mobile drone scanners for crime scenes; and lots of infrared doodads. It’s cool, I guess. (Of course, I don’t understand why a unit of police detectives and crime scene analysts need a special infra red motion detector to find a kid hiding in a closet. I mean, wouldn’t trained police officers know how to secure a scene by opening a closet door???) And every woman in the future wears lots of latex, high heels, and low cut tops and have the money to go to trendy, upscale bars and have gorgeous, lavish apartments on a cop salary.

But I digress.

It’s mainly just boring. Nothing really happens that matters. The whole set up is that the cop and the leftover psychic are supposed to stop crimes from happening, but the characters are so one dimensional it’s hard to get interested in the crime.

The Last Ship

There’s a military ship in the Artic on a mission. And the world is ending in a pandemic. No one is entirely sure of what is going on, including me, the viewer. The coolest thing about it is looking at all the equipment on a military vessel. According to Wikipedia, its a fictional U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer. The view of the ship and all the gadgets was the best part to me. The rest…not so much. There’s some standard grizzled military guys, the cliche couple, and a bunch of assorted military personnel who have one line each and drift away.  I don’t know. People love the series, and I may need to watch it in a better mood. I plan to try this one again.
Lost Girl

I have fun with this series and just finishing up Season 2.  It features Bo the Succubus who is caught between her allegiance between the Light Fae and the Dark Fae. There is s hot werewolf guy Dyson. There are various standard paranormal features, though no major vampires. Lots of sex. It’s a city that has a population solely of attractive people. Though they do have some neat takes on mythical creatures. The best characters are Bo’s best friend, Kenzi and Dyson’s best friend Hale. It’s not the deepest or most original show, but it’s entertaining.


Thoughts? Can you think in this weather?

4 thoughts on “SF OBSCURE: New show summer

  1. See! This is why I don’t bother with commercial TV. Nothing really worth watching. Although, I do have Lost Girl in my Netflix queue. Just waiting for it to come to an end so I don’t get left hanging or something. Your views encourage me to give it a watch – maybe sooner than later.

    In the vein of getting left hanging – I just watched Haven. I had heard it had it’s final show so thought it safe. Wrong. It didn’t include the last 13 shows. Evidently the final season went 26 shows rather than the 13 of the other seasons. So now I am left with all kinds of new troubles landing in Haven and either I patiently wait until the final 13 shows get to Netflix OR I rob a bank an buy them. *sigh* The definition of frustration. I really hope it actually ends and doesn’t continue to leave me hanging. I will be REALLY upset if it does. Incidentally, except for the above mentioned issue, it is a pretty good show – but best watched in sequence. One can get easily lost and having marathoned it I can see why I didn’t get into it back when I was still watching commercial TV. I couldn’t always watch every week and got lost. HUGE overarching storyline going on that kept me continuing the marathon to see what was going to happen.

    I have been giving serious consideration to a Star Trek rewatch – from original series to Enterprise and probably all the movies too. Not just because it is the 50th anniversary, (that makes me feel so old since I remember watching OS when it was new) but because Netflix has all of it right now and it has been a while. Plus I do love Star Trek – in all it’s many incarnations. What can I say? Major Trekkie here. I have a good many of the books too.

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  2. Will put Haven on my list.
    There are good shows out there, but I do think too many shows(and movies) are flash and style with no real purpose. I’d rather rewatch an old show with a cheap effects that has solid writing than flashy stuff. I think the quality shows are moving to other formats.
    Star Trek is worth a rewatch from pilot to final. I’ve watched episodes here and ther, but sitting down and reliving the whole thing in order makes me love it more. Captain Sisko IS the Emissary.

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  3. I can understand why you found The Last Ship confusing. If you’d seen it from Season One, it would have made more sense. This season is swirling around so many twists and turns even regular viewers (like me) are confused. Have you watched Killjoys or Dark Matter (both on SyFy channel)?

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    1. I’ve heard good things about Last Ship so I’m willing to give it a second try. Haven’t been able to see Killjoys or Dark Matter yet. Hoping soon.


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