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I used to fantasize being on an episode of Midsomer Murders. I have a slight addiction to British crime dramas. I’ve spent far too many hours of my life watching and reading them. So if I were to meet fictional characters I’d want to meet some of the fictional detectives.

My journey would start in the fictional district of Midsomer where I would stumble across a murder whilst trekking in the country side. Because this is a Midsomer episode, it would be a clean murder-shooting, strangling, stabbing-but thankfully no serial killers. Those crimes happen on different shows. Then, several local people and local visitors would be questioned until the crime was all related to an argument over inheritance; a marital dispute that took place years ago; some obscure historical find; or a long lost relative. After that is solved, I’d go spent a few days in Oxford.


In Oxford I would help Inspector Morse solve a case using my knowledge of Latin, Greek, or obscure mythological references. Once again I wouldn’t have to witness any truly gruesome killings, because those would only be referred to offscreen. Plus, it was probably committed by an academic and involved poisoning. I’d get a bit weary of Morse’s drinking and opera, but at least Lewis would be there. I’d probably stick around for a week or so to help Lewis solve a case, and time travel a few years forward so I can help him and DS Hathaway solve a crime.

Since, I have a time machine I should probably make use of it. A cozy mystery case with Father Brown; an intense war time crime with Detective Foyle; or even a further back to consult Miss Marple to do lots of sitting and knitting until we find the killer.

Finally, I’d come back to the present and work on a case with Inspector Vera Stanhope. She has a prickly personality but so do I so I can hold my own.


So, that’s my big adventure in fictional meetings. How about you?

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    1. I hadn’t heard of The Coroner. Thanks. I loved the first Barnaby, but the replacement has grown on me. My fave DS Ben Jones:)


  1. When I first started wacthing Midsommer Murders, I thought it’d be a great place to live. And then I began to wonder how there was anyone still alive in that village. 😀 Vera is definitely prickly, but she’s good at what she does and gets the job done. I could definitely learn to get around that.

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  2. I’d be a little worried that I’d be the auxiliary character who got killed off for getting a little too close to discovering the murderer’s identity, but as long as that didn’t happen it sounds like fun.

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  3. I love the Midsommer mysteries! I also love Inspector Lewis and Hathaway (heart) I loved Lewis back when he was a sergeant on Inspector Morse. I felt so bad for Morse, he felt so tragic in many ways. While Tom Barnaby always carries around that impression that he’s somehow nobility disguised as a copper…must be Shakespearean training John Nettles had. Tom Barnaby could chastise even the most arrogant of nobles, not to mention he’d honed sarcasm to a fine art. I’ve been watching these for years with my parents. We used to joke about how dangerous Oxford and the English countryside are. 🙂 I’ve started watching Father Brown with them. Watching cozy British mysteries together is a bit of a family tradition with my parents.

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    1. I started watching British mysteries with my mother. It must be a tradition. I still hope I can take her to Oxford one day. I always loved Lewis. Even with Morse, and later his own series. Thanks for stopping by.


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