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Are there any books that don’t make great gifts to a book lover?

I’m a firm believer in that people should read the books they enjoy and make them happy. If you like mysteries, romance, science fiction, westerns, historical fiction, suspense, or anything else if it gives you joy, fun, adventure and a sense of escape that’s a good thing. I don’t put down other people’s reading preferences. People’s lives are hard enough without someone putting down their little corner of joy. And especially with all the turmoil people have had in the past year, I hope books can be of some relief.

I am looking forward to my winter vacation reading. Christmas isn’t a real holiday in Japan, so I will be working. A couple of Zoom classes and a faculty meeting for my holiday. But for New Year’s I will have time off to relax. I plan to do my annual Lord of the Rings rewatch and have a few books that are ordered and waiting to be read.

The Fated Sky/ Mary Robinette Kowal. This is the second on the Lady Astronaut series which I am addicted to.

Grave on Grand Avenue (An Officer Ellie Rush mystery)/ Naomi Hirahara. I loved the first book about a bicycle cop in LA and look forward to this.

Leviathan Wakes(Book 1 of the Expanse) James S. A. Corey. I thought about getting the audiobook, but decided I wanted the paperback.

When it comes to ‘gift books’ for the holiday I usually splurge fancier copies or rare books I don’t normally purchase. I read a lot especially, paperbacks and e-books, but for the holidays I might go for a box set or an art book. 

I loved Blade Runner 2049. I want to see it in the theater twice and the 3D version was amazing. I am a fan of the original Blade Runner also. I have the Blu-Ray and the soundtrack and I really want this book. Needless, to say I am also eagerly awaiting Villeneuve’s DUNE. I know the plan is for streaming in the US, but I am hoping a few theaters will show it overseas. I cannot wait.

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  1. I didn’t know Christmas wasn’t a thing in Japan! That’s fascinating. What’s one holiday celebrated there that you enjoy?

    I’ve never read Dune. I hope the TV show is good.

    My post.

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    1. I do enjoy the new year holiday. We go the local shrine. I will try to post some pictures; even if a lot of the temples and shrines will be restricted for visitors this year. Our local one is remote so it should be ok.


  2. I’ve watched original Blade Runner half a dozen times (the first was in the theater, yes, I’m old) and I still don’t understand it…. I even read the stupid synopsis. It didn’t help. Apparently, I am dense. LOL.

    And I was seriously smacked sideways that Japan doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but then I remembered it’s not a Christian society so, even though Christmas in the US isn’t really Christian much anymore, I get that Japan just never got into the habit. Still, it’s fascinating…

    I’m here today:

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    1. Not really having Christmas was strange to me at first. I think people like the trees and things, but since it’s not a holiday, it’s not the same.


  3. I like your recommendations. I guess I picked up the astronaut series at the wrong time (Book 3) because it wasn’t my cuppa. Maybe I should go back and read the other two. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

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