October News

Online writing: Interviews with Monette Michaels and Rachel Leigh Smith at  Smart Girls Blog.

Most of this month has been spent editing and working on a few anthology submissions. Thanks to a wonderful beta reader, who agreed to go over a muck of a draft…I may be back in business for a new fantasy novella to make a second pass at next year.

And, I am doing the same moment of indecision about whether or not to do Nanowrimo. Possibly to network and support my friends, that’s always a plus.

I will be doing a few guest blog posts soon, so I will post updates as soon as possible.

September this and that

So, what I’ve been up to writing online:

The Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is now available. Read it online or download a copy. I contribute some reviews and a few reflections on SFR.  Also at Smart Girls Love Sci Fi interviews this month with PJ Dean and Veronica Scott and a post on the Bionic Woman Reboot.



Looking forward to the release of MR RUMPEL AND MR GRIMM and hoping it’s enjoyed.

I am currently editing  a new M/M high fantasy romance-no dragons this time, but lots of Elves, Shapeshifters of all sorts, Magic all over the place, and a good looking thief with a weakness for Elf princes.