Favorite Quote from a Book

This is not a news day that leaves me feel hopeful, but these quotes do. “ The whole of life is just like watching a film. Only it’s as though you always get in ten minutes after the big picture has started, and no one will tell you the plot, so you have to work […]

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Your Favorite Podcast and Why

Hi out there! I’m back to blogging. I took a long time off to join a short story writing group and work on a novel. I feel more relaxed now and writer’s block is not so bad. I also spent more time exercising and working on side projects like my Instagram (99echozone). I take photos […]

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Friday Five September 10

reign, grateful, soup, ghost, immune continuing the Christmas story Dexter Cole worked hard at his job as a personal chef. He pressed his hands down to tightly seal the container on one of his signature vegan soups. He hoped his client was eating as she should. Her immune system needed the boost that you got from salads made from […]

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What I do to recharge

Nature is always my first choice to recharge. I have several spots I like to visit. Usually walks, but lately I’ve gotten more interesting in cycling. Currently, I just have a regular street bicycle, but I am saving up to get a hybrid road bicycle ( and helmet!) to travel further. Once things open up […]

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Friday Five September 3

This week I’m continuing my Christmas mystery story of aging pop starlet Angela Redmond. Friday Five Impact, sphere, fashion, gesture, hobby There was no denying Angela Redmond’s impact on music and fashion, Jeremy Oshima thought with a sigh, but why did she have to be so difficult to work with? He’d been standing outside in the cold for […]

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Friday Five August 20

crosswalk, background, absence, address, hope ****** Charlotte saw the light turn green and dashed across the crosswalk, feeling some of the eggnog latte swish out of her mug and down on her hands. She waited until she was safe on the other side, and sloppily tried to wipe of her right  hand with the edge of her […]

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Friday Five August 13

Other, ready, digress, tire, orbit Emma heard the squeal of tires as her brother Michael finally pulled up. Finally. She almost thought he wouldn’t come. When he stepped out of his car, dressed in a clean white shirt and pants with clear-eyed and well rested, she was content. He had come. For now, they were all together. […]

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