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Tek War is based on William Shatner’s TekWar books, ghostwritten by Ron Goulart. There are about nine books in the series. The show started as a series of two-hour TV movies and then a proper second season, from what I can figure out. Open to corrections.

It’s set in the year 2045. A cop, Jake Cardigan, is framed for drug dealing; he’s put in cryo sleep, and then released some years later. Jake goes to work for the private sector for a security firm called Cosmos run by Walter Bascom, ie. William Shatner who, well, is William Shatner no matter what you put him in. Anyhow, apparently the company had Jake released early- he plans to clear his name, reunite with his family, etc. etc. that kind of thing. There is all sort of futuristic crime stuff going on mainly involving sexy holograms and weird new drugs. There’s Jake’s cop buddy Sid, and an android woman.

I pride myself in trying to watch any SF series, regardless of quality, to find the fun point or the gem. I tried my best with TekWar but I could not make it through an entire episode. I tended to give up about 20 minutes in. For many reasons. Silly plots, bad acting, awkward dialogue. I can forgive the budget effects and music; but it just didn’t seem to offer anything new I hadn’t seen before on many B grade shows and movies.

I know there are people who love TekWar and it lasted two seasons, albeit in a much more forgiving television landscape. I don’t want to criticize it too much, but I just couldn’t quite get interested.



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  1. Oh Echo! I am so glad I am not the only one who felt this way about this series. I loved the books. Read every one. But this series. It was rather painful to watch. My ex watched it when it was new, but I found myself doing house work or something rather than sit through it. It was frustrating because as I said, I loved the books. I am also a William Shatner fan. But Tekwars the series, *shakes head* just didn’t cut it.

    On another note, my daughter did a Babylon 5 re-watch on rabbit.com, introducing some new friends to a fun series. I sat in one night. It was fun having newbies watching.

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  2. I missed the viewing of Logan’s Run. First time viewing there too. These kids missed so much growing up! *sigh* Guess they didn’t have a geeky mother.

    Yes, the Tekwar books were so much better. As usual, TV had to rewrite so much and it ended up as something else.

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  3. I knew I was supposed to love Tekwars but…No. I could take Shatner in Star Trek but I found him grating here. Maybe because Star Trek was deliciously campy and this was just more of Shatner/Kirk but not at his best. I did watch in hopes of it improving but…alas

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