Characters I’d Name a baby after


I’m joining in on Long and Short Reviews Wednesday blogging challenge with some other romance writers.  So here goes…

I had a neighbor who was a huge Star Wars fan who named his son after a character in a Star Wars Extended Universe novel. Now, I’m dedicated to my SF fandoms, but I never seriously considered naming my children after one. Well, not for long, although a few did cross my mind.

Uhura- Actually, her character was not even given a first name until later in several paperback novels. Nyota was the most common, and the one used as official canon in the 2009 movie.

Delenn- Babylon 5 was an incredibly good show, and Delenn was a well-drawn heroic character.

Sarek-I’ve always like the character of Sarek. I’m actually pleased with James Frain’s portrayal in Discovery. ( I enjoy Star Trek:Discovery). The truth is all the Vulcans have pretty good names. T’Pol and T’Pau. Maybe not as first names, but it would be kind of cool for a middle name.

I did name pets after characters. My beloved cats Legolas and Frodo.


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  1. My dog, Kellen, is named after a character in Vivien Jackson’s Perfect Gravity. I have a cat named Chewey. I once had a cat named Hugo (as in Victor). Les Mis was very popular at the time. While Chewey may not be a good name for a person, I think Kellen and Hugo are both good people names!

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    1. I loved your post. I wasn’t able to post on your blog. Will try again. Jane Austen books are a good choice for names. My mother is an Austen fan:)


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