Fictional Worlds I’d Rather Not Visit


This week blogging challenge: Fictional Worlds I’d rather not visit. Follow more bloggers at Long and Short Reviews.

This was a tough one, because generally speaking if I enjoy reading books in a fictional world, I imagine myself living in them to some degree. If I see a movie that I enjoy there is a part of me that wishes I was there. That’s part of the attraction. So if I think of fictional world I’d rather not visit was actually rather challenging.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Max Brooks.  The book was fantastic. I’m not a fan of the zombie genre, yet World War Z approached it as a pastiche of views. It showed how different people reacted to the situation of a zombie virus. And spanned the globe. It was terrifying yet fascinating. I loved reading it but wouldn’t want to live through it.

The Planet of the Apes. (the originals) Even though I have fond memories of watching the originals as a child, it’s definitely not an alternative world I’d want to live in. I used to imagine that I lived in that world-struggling for survival and hiding from bands of gorillas on horseback.

Westeros. We all know you won’t live long even if you belong to a great house.  I don’t want to live in King’s Landing. I’ll go back to Winterfell now that the Bolton’s have been defeated. Maybe Dragonstone? At least, it’s relatively safe at the moment.

Dune. Arrakis is a desert filled with giant worms. No. Just no.

Star Wars. I love Star Wars and want to be a Jedi, but all the planets have one climate per planet. Cold freezing winters, Barren deserts, or jungles. Or extremely overbuilt. Nothing that seems terribly scenic, to be honest.Kashyyyk might be alright, but I don’t speak Wookie. I need to invest in a protocol droid.

So, any suggestions of fictional worlds you’d never live in?

12 thoughts on “Fictional Worlds I’d Rather Not Visit

  1. Ooh, I love your answers. Yeah, none of those places would be good spots to live in or even visit.

    Thanks for stopping by my site earlier today!

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  2. I’m so sorry for the delay in responding! I just saw your link, so hurried on over. I mentioned Dune, too… that’s a big nope. Re: Star Wars, now that you’ve mentioned it, that’s so true. But I would really love a protocol droid (maybe not one as chatty as Threepio though). See you tomorrow!


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