Quick Review: Deadly Bargain Anthology


Deadly Bargain, edited by Brad Parker and  Mya Lairis was a good, solid weekend read with a variety of stories. The stories all feature the same dubious salesman, and the purchases/deals that the buyer makes. It covers a range of themes from shrunken heads, cursed jewelry, evil dolls, evil cars, and a wide variety of characters. The goal of Colors in Darkness is to present diversity in horror and it doesn’t disappoint. The characters were fresh, vibrant, and varied. My personal favorite stories (thought there weren’t any duds)…

Tsantsa/Judith Baron Stuart:  Stuart, fascinated by the macabre, decides to purchase a shrunken head at a small shop. Needless to say, this is not a wise choice. Stuart’s panic and desire to rid himself of the shrunken head make for a truly creepy story.

Cherry Condition/Dahlia DeWinters: My father used to have an Oldsmobile Cutlass, so I was sold on this story from the beginning. And there are few things creepier than used car salesmen and (possibly) demonic cars.

A Good Deal/ Karen Thrower: Mike purchases a gift for his girlfriend, and finds that he may have sold his soul. The strongest part of this story is the protagonist Mike-his voice and mannerisms ring true. I found myself rooting for Mike, even if he created his own problem.

 BFF’sKenya Moss Dyme: This is both a horror story; as well as a solid, character study. Maya, a special needs woman, and her best friend Bennie are the central characters. Maya’s isolation and loneliness give the story its force.

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EDIT: Updated. The editors are Brad Parker and Mya Lairis.

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