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Most of my books buying comes from social media. I don’t have the luxury of book stores with lots of English language titles and I was an early fan of the e-reader. I still have my first Amazon kindle; I now use kindle for my iPad. I decided to talk about two authors whose books that I discovered in my early years of indie reading from social media.

R. Lee Smith writes futuristic/SF/alien romances that are truly unique. For starters, her aliens are really alien. Insectoid, reptilian, night creatures. Despite this, R. Lee Smith manages to give them real depth and character. She writes books about telepaths and zombies too. I was captivated by the books because they were so different and not the sort of thing I’d even read from a mainstream publishing house.


Pepper Pace writes multicultural, IR, contemporary romances. There are always challenges for romance books with black female leads in mainstream publishing, but a lot of writers seem to have really thrived in indie and e-pub. Pepper Pace stood out to me because her characters are unconventional-homeless people, survivors of the Rwandan genocide; people living with disabilities.  And she tackles also of issues most wouldn’t in a romance. And she tends to have working class characters too (rather than lawyers, billionaires etc. etc. )

I know there are lots of negatives about social media, but it does make it easier to find and connect with other people that you never would have had much chance to. As a writer, I sold my first M/M romance mainly because of a Goodreads Group and a beta reader that I still exchange with. And though I know some people criticize indie and self-pub-definitely garbage out there-there is also the chance to find unique stories that would never be available from a large press.  As both a reader and a writer, social media has been a plus.

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  1. I’ve never heard of either of these authors… I love that they write such unusual books! THAT is what small press and self-publishing has allowed, for authors to write outside the box. Thanks for sharing (and for visiting my blog earlier)!

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    1. Most of my reading comes from Indies and small presses. I only have a handful of trad press books I get each year-and one of the authors has now left and does all her new stuff indie.


  2. Although I don’t know either of the authors you mentioned, I have an entire list I have met on social media. Some are still indie authors with a small following, and some have broken out and acquired a huge following. I find it fun to say, “I knew them when . . .” But either way, social media has been a wonderful way to find those gems of the writing world just waiting to be discovered. Thank you for sharing a couple names I haven’t read – yet.

    BTW – I, too, still have my first Kindle. The e-reader is awesome. I can now carry my entire library with me all the time if I need to. It has made moving so much easier.

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