Books I love that became Films


The Martian is one of my favorite books. I’ve read it at least three times. I love reading about science, and science used well in science fiction. I first found out about it from a suggestion thread in a FB group. Here’s the weird thing: I still haven’t seen the movie. Somehow, my attempts for a watch are always interrupted. But, yes, when summer vacation rolls around it’s on my TBR. 


The Arrival is based on a short story “Story of your Life” by Ted Chiang. I first read his short story “Hell is the Absence of God” in an anthology.  I really loved the way he used real science with a beautiful talent for language. I bought his collection and it is one of my frequent re-visits. If you’ve seen the movie, and never read the short story, it’s well worth reading his whole collection. 


Dune is a classic. The spice. The worms. The Bene Gesserit. I need to re-read Dune. I was first introduced to Dune by a friend who lived down the hall from me at my dorm room or so many years ago. She was a Dune fanatic. She had all the Dune books arranged on a shelf in her room and loved it. The truth is, it’s been so long now since I’ve read the novel, I doubt I remember it correctly. My feelings about Dune are largely based on the 1984 movie with Kyle McLachlan and Sting and the TV movie (which I remember as being pretty good)  and Children of Dune. I guess I’ll do a re-watch after the re-read. I have the soundtrack to Children of Dune, which I really love. A Dune movie (2020) is in the works-but as the cast grows larger and the rumors spread-one wonders what will actually happen. I will probably go and see it out of some weird sense of nerd/fandom loyalty regardless of its reviews.


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  1. Love Dune, spent a lot of hours reading that series of books, not the prequels though. Did you catch the TV adaptation of Arthur C Clarke’s Chilhoods End?

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  2. The Martian was on my list this week as well.

    And Arrival was an amazing film. I didn’t realize it started out as a book! Now I have to decide if I can handle that emotional journey again. Hehe.

    My post.

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  3. Great List! The Martian and Arrival – I have seen the movies, but not read the books. However Dune! Yep, yep, and yep. Really? Another movie. My question here is: besides it being a good story and all, why can’t the current crop of folks in Hollywood come up with an original idea? But, I will probably watch it too. What are my favorite books to film. Not as much sci-fi as you. I am about the magic. The Harry Potter series and The Twilight saga. I rewatch them all the time. Twilight I even reread the books often. The Lord of the Ring series was okay, but . . . Then there is Narnia/The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

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    1. They are repeating the same stories…or maybe trying too hard for blockbusters? I don’t mind the smaller, scale (cheaper) suspense films. All SF and Fantasy doesn’t have to be a trilogy.

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  4. I loved Arrival and The Martian! Although I didn’t read either book. I would love to see Artemis (same author as The Martian) made to film, too. I loved the Dune books (only the first few though, before the saga lost me) but I was t thrilled with either film — although I though the made for tv one was a bit better. I have a longer list (sF and F mostly) of books I loved made into either movies or tv series but most didn’t turn out well so I’ll skip those!

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    1. I have Artemis on my order wishlist. I have lots of SF I’d love to see on screen, but hate when it turns out to be a disaster.


  5. The audiobook for The Martian is also amazing. I loved the movie, it was very close to the book with some plot threads removed.


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