Fictional Worlds I’d Love to Visit


This week’s topic: Fictional Worlds I’d love to visit

I am a fan of the craziness of Alice and Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass so it’s always fascinated me. The book version, the Disney film version, and the live action version with Carol Channing as the White Queen.  (1984) There is also a fairly decent 1995 TV version too. I remember it from when I was young back in the days of video tapes and I rewatched it until the tape wore out. I also enjoy books (romances!) that play around with  the Alice in Wonderland world.


I have been rewatching Babylon 5 recently and it makes me realize how much I like that world. I wouldn’t mind finding accommodations on Babylon station; maybe even a trip to the Minbari homeworld if I were invited. 


There are a lot of urban fantasy worlds I’d like to live in. I devoured urban fantasy and paranormal romances and it’s still a healthy portion of my entertainment. One of my favorites was the Elfhome series by Wen Spencer. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh-but her Pittsburgh with a half of the Elf world on it is fantastic. I love this series and I love the way it combines real world with a well-developed Elf world.

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  1. I think Wonderland would be both amazing and terrifying!

    Man, I tried not to venture into television, but I’d love to ride on Lucy, the spaceship from Killjoys. Or even Serenity, from Firefly. 🙂 So, I’m totally good with Babylon 5!

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    1. I tried to avoid TV, but I couldn’t stop. The Killjoys world would be a tough one to survive in, but it is fascinating.


      1. Right, some of those worlds we watch are much too enticing! Hahaha, yeah, I’d never make it as a Killjoy, but I’d love to try. 🙂


  2. I’m loving the variety in everybody’s choices. Wonderland does appear to involve occasional death threats, but aside from that it would be awesome. Babylon 5… kind of the same, actually, now that I think about it. I’m not familiar with the Elfhome books; I’ll have to look them up.

    My list is here

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  3. Love B5! So many sci-fi worlds I would to visit. Stargate. Star Trek. Star Wars. Firefly. Farscape. Am I starting to sound more geeky than usual? Weeeeelllllll . . . My first thought when I saw this title was Urban Fantasy – St Louis ala Anita Blake Vampire Hunter. Adore that world and visit it often by re-reading the books.

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  4. Wonderland just to meet the Cheshire Cat. Who wouldn’t want to fly around in a space craft? I need to check out the Elfhome series. I’m getting so many good recommendations on series I’ll have my reading lined up for years. Goodie.

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    1. Elfhome is a good series. I read the first three, and I think the latest are YA spinoffs.


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