Books I Loved and Never Wrote Reviews For


This week’s challenge was a tough one. (Check out the others on Long and Short Reviews) I’ve written lots of reviews over the years for various sites and I am fairly consistent about leaving reviews on my kindle books as soon as I finish them. I know how much it means to the authors and how much it helps. I don’t leave reviews of DNF books or books I hated. If I write a review, it’s because I loved something and want to share.

There are a few books I read before the easy e-book age that I feel deserve more credit.

Barbara Neely’s Blanche series was out of print for a while; they are now readily available as downloads and worth every cent. I read the series, which is about a Black maid who solves crimes. It’s grittier than a cozy mystery, but not crime or noir. Blanche is insightful, intelligent, and a narrator that is easy to admire. I loved these books and I encourage fans of mystery to give it a try.


Liz William’s is a beautiful writer. I love her style and her creative mix of science fiction/fantasy/ surreal. Her books aren’t easy but every page is a treat. Banner of Souls is about technology that gets energy from the realm of the dead. And there is a famous warrior from Mars who uses the technology. 


Just read it. It will make sense then. 

I mention this one mainly because I got this book as a Christmas gift some years ago. I love The Dark Crystal and the artwork. I am looking forward to Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance later this month. This is a truly beautiful book and just looking at the sketches and ideas and images that go into Froud’s deep creativity are astounding. 


This was another Christmas gift. I loved Trisha Biggar’s designs. I enjoyed reading about how see thinks through her ideas as well as how she chooses the fabrics and motifs. 


BaseBanner_2019_blue copy

I’ve been out and about for the summer visiting family. And steady at work on my writing. I hope everyone is around for the Long and Short Reviews Anniversary party. Two of my books will be featured along with lots of other great ones.



    • I’m not sure this edition is still in print. So, it’s kinda gone up to an inflated price. With the new series, they may have one more reasonably priced.


  1. I am *such* a huge Dark Crystal fan, so naturally that one leapt out at me, but Banner of Souls looks really interesting, too.

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