Books I read on someone’s recommendation


This was a tricky one, because most books I read are via word of mouth. Others readers and friends who I have similar interests with mention books on their blog or on FB, and I check it out for myself. 99% of all the books I read are recommended.

I decided to point out a few blogs I go to for recommendations instead. Long and Short Reviews which runs this blog hop and has reviewed one of my books has a variety of genres. So I want to thank them and point them out.

Musings of a Romance Junkie is a go to site for those interested in multicultural and IR romances. I read it regularly, and a lot of my romance reads come via this blog.

Fantasy Book Critic, which is the place to go when I feel like I want to dive back into the fantasy genre. This is a genre I go hot and cold with, but when I find a series I like I stick to it.

Science Fiction and other Suspect Ruminations is one of my favorite blogs in general and a must-read. If you like classic SF, classic cover art, unique paperback treasures this is a wonderful resource.

I don’t have a go to mystery blog yet, but Aymee’s Nerdy Reader Girl is moving up on my list.


10 thoughts on “Books I read on someone’s recommendation

  1. Yeah, Aymee’s blog is great. I’m checking out Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations right now. It sounds like it will be a good fit for me.

    My post.

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  2. Always good to have more sites to look at for book recommendations! May I add the Whiskey With My Book Blog for scifi romance, fantasy, steampunk and the assorted other books on occasion? Great post!

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