Books I read on someone’s recommendation


This was a tricky one, because most books I read are via word of mouth. Others readers and friends who I have similar interests with mention books on their blog or on FB, and I check it out for myself. 99% of all the books I read are recommended.

I decided to point out a few blogs I go to for recommendations instead. Long and Short Reviews which runs this blog hop and has reviewed one of my books has a variety of genres. So I want to thank them and point them out.

Musings of a Romance Junkie is a go to site for those interested in multicultural and IR romances. I read it regularly, and a lot of my romance reads come via this blog.

Fantasy Book Critic, which is the place to go when I feel like I want to dive back into the fantasy genre. This is a genre I go hot and cold with, but when I find a series I like I stick to it.

Science Fiction and other Suspect Ruminations is one of my favorite blogs in general and a must-read. If you like classic SF, classic cover art, unique paperback treasures this is a wonderful resource.

I don’t have a go to mystery blog yet, but Aymee’s Nerdy Reader Girl is moving up on my list.



  1. Yeah, Aymee’s blog is great. I’m checking out Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations right now. It sounds like it will be a good fit for me.

    My post.

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  2. Always good to have more sites to look at for book recommendations! May I add the Whiskey With My Book Blog for scifi romance, fantasy, steampunk and the assorted other books on occasion? Great post!

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