Book Boyfriends(Or Girlfriends)


So, I’m back to the blog hop after a break. November was a busy month. December will probably be busier but at least the holidays are coming!!!  This week’s topic: Book Boyfriends (or Girlfriends).

Stealing Gifts/Mere Rain

This is a book I recently read because I like the premise and I’m glad I did. I really love Jarrell. He’s a complex character- a thief who steals to survive and really has a deep, sensitive heart. His love for Edmond is really sweet.

Elfhome Series/ Wen Spencer

I have a crush on elves. But this is one of my favorite elf series’ of all time. The main character, Tinker, is married to Windwolf, head of the Wind Clan. He’s super sexy and I had total fan girl love. She also had her loyal guard, Pony, whose kind attentive and strong. Yes, two men. Elves are immortal so their relationships are complex. 

The Otherworld Series/ Yasmine Galenorn

Three sisters-Camille, Delilah, and Menolly all have different boyfriends of various paranormal attributes over the course of the series.

Camille has three husbands-a dragon, a fox, and a dark elf. (Elves again 🙂 ) It’s usual for urban fantasy to have lots of lovers, but Galenorn always manages to make hers truly unique. So instead of the myriad confusion who sleeps with who scenarios that sometimes occur in urban fantasy, I always end up liking the characters and their hook-ups come across as believable. 


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  1. Might have to check out those books…though we’re usually an Elf-lite household. Both the spouse and I grew up with D&D and Shadowrun in our lives, and he’s so sick of elves he’s instituted a semi-ban (in other words, you can play a pretty elf if you wish; he reserves the right to mock you for it). 😉

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