The Last Place I Traveled to and Why

WednesdayBloggingChallenge-copyLike most people, my travel has been limited. I haven’t been out of my prefecture (province or state) since January. The good things is, I’ve been able to visit some of the local spots and now that there are restricted openings, I decided to enjoy a few places. One of the best was Sunpu Castle, which was the seat of power of Tokugawa Ieyasu, one of the most powerful shogun in Japan’s history. The castle was first built in 1585 and he resided there with his favorite consort and his sons until he died in 1616. (From records kept by his attendants its theorized he died from cancer) The castle is a reconstruction, only a parts of the moat and gates were left, but it has a museum and a beautifully designed tea garden based on ideas of the period. 



More locally, I visit a park which has a restored tea garden and tea house. The tea house is not open for guests now, because of Covid, but the ponds are open. There are volunteers who come to keep things clean and someone to take care of the fish. Koi are expensive fish and require lots of care.


12 thoughts on “The Last Place I Traveled to and Why

  1. How beautiful…. I love the peacefulness of a Japanese garden. Would love to be able to visit IRL one day instead of just enjoying them virtually, but thankful for technology that allows that! My post is here if you want to come by.


  2. That looks absolutely incredible! It’s wonderful that you have a place like that to visit in the local area, even though I’m sure we’ll all be glad when we can finally travel. Amazing photos, thanks for sharing!


  3. That is beautiful!
    A friend of ours moved from Australia to Japan this year and the poor thing’s pretty much been locked down since arrival and is missing so much of this. We were hoping to visit but maybe next year. Putting Sunpu Castle on my visit list!


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