Friday Five Writing Prompt Challenge

This is a new challenge from Long and Short Reviews. There are words to use in a writing prompt. I’m a little late, because I just read some others, but thought I’d try something quick. I gave myself fifteen minutes and this is what I came up with.

deport, direction, deliver, distributor, sister

My sister stood in front of the customer and plastered on her best smile. She was much better at customer service than I was. For one thing, she was dressed in a cream colored suit, with flawless make-up, and a French twist bun. My hair and face had been under a work helmet all day and even I was afraid to see what I looked like.

“We work with all the best cybernetic distributors in the business,” she said. “I’m sure we can find what you need.” 

“You came highly recommended,” the new client said.

 This woman was one of the upscale cyborgs, with sleek silver suit and gold and pink wings. She was clearly designed for aesthestics more than war; though she’d probably been a private body guard at some point. She followed my sister to the direction of the conference room while I went back to work.  New customers got a one on one so that Gina could assess whether or not we’d take them on. It’s not so much that we couln’t work on any cyborg that came through the door; it’s that we wouldn’t. Our father and mother had built Drummond Cybernetics Services from the ground up and weren’t willing to take on just anyone. We served the only the best. Custom made security cyborgs and even military grades if they were from special forces. Off-world professionals who needed to customize their bodies for space travel. Occasionally, we even did an android or two. All the grunt soldiers could get cut-rate replacement parts delivered from anyone, so we didn’t really do those kind of cyborgs.

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