What my last meal would be

I was too busy last week to post, but this is food. I can manage food.

My final meal will be…
A brunch with big fluffy biscuits, baked potatoes with sour cream, corn pancakes with black bean sauce and guacamole, grits with butter, and fresh raspberries. And hazelnut coffee. None of it does my cholesterol level any favors but since it’s a last meal who cares? Then I’d have a dessert of devils food cake with cream cheese frosting and/or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

It’s cherry blossom season so I thought I’d share:)

7 thoughts on “What my last meal would be

  1. Wow, that sounds delicious.

    And your cherry blossoms are so pretty. The cherry trees in Toronto generally bloom in early May.


  2. Brunch as a last meal sounds amazing, and I love the cherry blossom picture. (We don’t get cherry blossoms; we get cottonwood trees, and all those do is give me a sinus headache and make me sneeze.)


  3. That sounds amazing, especially the coffee. I’ve got a thing for Hazelnut! The blossoms are gorgeous – cherry trees are one of my favorites.


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