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My main creative outlet is writing; but it has a different focus when I’m working on things to submit or publish. I’m a newbie so I’m still searching for my own voice. Recently, I like writing horror and spooky stories. I’ve had fun doing Friday Five and I’ve taken the starter posts and written some full stories. I finished a full 6K story from one post and turned over to a beta group; I want to submit it to a few markets.

I’ve started a novella based on my last entry.

I’ve always enjoyed a ghost story. I make them up for my husband and daughter when we go for a short hike. I made up another for one of my English language students. They had fun with it. Lately, I’ve explored making spooky video shorts.

I don’t have other outlets. I suck at knitting, sewing, or anything remotely related. I can’t sing or play any instruments. My daughter is a budding artists-she likes art and illustration. Me? I can barely draw a smiley face.

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  1. That is amazing that our fun little meme has inspired you so much! I belong to a writing community on LiveJournal and they post daily prompts and whatnot and it’s always, “Give me 100 words or a couple graphics…” and suddenly I have 3k words off a simple prompt. Love it when the creativity flows like that. I wish you a ton of luck with all of this!

    My post

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  2. I do feel like whatever little bits of writing I can manage are my primary outlet. I’m glad you’ve got some really going, though!

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  3. How lovely that your daughter finds joy in creating images. You create with words. Both are valid expressions of the inner soul.

    As for music, I took piano lessons for 8 years as a child. I was pretty good. Many decades later, Mom finally gave me the piano which had been collecting dust in her house, and for a few years, my kids enjoyed singing Christmas songs with me. But eventually I had to admit that my writing and my other outlets gave me more joy than playing the piano. And my husband put it well–he said I played with precision, but not with passion. So I asked in the piano class I subbed for in a high school, if anyone wanted an old, used upright, still in pretty good shape–free, but they had to come pick it up. One boy jumped at it. Last time I saw him, he told me he was composing songs on it–so it’s being put to good use.

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