Recent Topics I’ve Googled

This is an interesting topic, so I decided I’d like to know what it is I’ve googled. Since most of my desktop searches are for work their wasn’t much outside of technical and work sites. So I decided to look at my iPad and phone to see what I’ve been googling. 

Episodes of Star Trek, no surprise. Tokyo Olympics. Lots of searches about the Shinkansen and bullet trains. I’m editing an SF story set in Japan and I fell down a research rabbit hole.

Then Liz Cheney, Christopher Columbus, and Ariana Grande: All in the same day and I can’t see how they are possibly related nor can I remember why they were connected. 

9 thoughts on “Recent Topics I’ve Googled

  1. Lydia, The Trouble With Tribbles, I Mudd, City on the Edge of Forever. When we do a Trekkie Marathon I like to google the beautiful guest stars and see what else they did.


  2. That really seems like it ought to be for some sort of absurdist novella: Liz Cheney and Ariana Grande must overcome their differences as they travel back in time to stop Christopher Columbus from turning all of Central America over to his alien overlords…

    Yes, so very easy to fall down a Goggle rabbit hole and have no idea how you got there in the first place.


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