What I do to recharge

Nature is always my first choice to recharge. I have several spots I like to visit. Usually walks, but lately I’ve gotten more interesting in cycling. Currently, I just have a regular street bicycle, but I am saving up to get a hybrid road bicycle ( and helmet!) to travel further. Once things open up and I get fully vaccinated (yes, I believe in getting vaccinated) I plan to cycle with a friend of mine who lives in another prefecture.  Taking a bicycle ride with my daughter also helps to recharge. It’s a good mother-daughter activity and gives us some positive bonding time. The upheaval of the last year has been hard on her emotionally, so quality time is good. 

I like baking cookies to recharge-but I am trying not to run to food every time I stress out. It gets to be a bad habit. 

Reading is relaxing, and a particularly good book helps me recharge. I just finished The Thursday Murder Club, which was hilarious! A good comedy movie also helps me recharge. (Galaxy Quest, Dodgeball). 

7 thoughts on “What I do to recharge

  1. …As someone who’s stuck in Texas (“North Texas” at that) I am deeply jealous of the fact that you have, well, landscape around you. I miss being able to step out into that.

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  2. I see we share a love of nature! Wow, you live near some picturesque places. 🙂

    I hope you’ll be able to get fully vaccinated soon. I was so relieved after two weeks had passed after my second vaccine.

    And I had no idea there were so many different types of bicycles! Fascinating.

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  3. If I lived where you are, I’d get out and walk, bike, heck JOG! I love that you bike with your daughter though. My younger girl loves to bake when she’s stressed. Sometimes, I’ll get up in the morning and there will be cookies on the counter. Haha.

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