Your Favorite Podcast and Why

Hi out there! I’m back to blogging. I took a long time off to join a short story writing group and work on a novel. I feel more relaxed now and writer’s block is not so bad. I also spent more time exercising and working on side projects like my Instagram (99echozone). I take photos too, and one was featured in a magazine! (n0t this one, obviously, I just thought I’d share.)

I listen to a lot of podcasts, mainly if they relate to SF stuff. Mission Log: A Roddenberry Podcast and Treks in Sci-Fi are two that I am currently catching up on episodes. But my other interests are True Crime and mysteries. 

My current favorite podcast in Black Girl Gone. ( It’s a true crime podcast that focuses mainly on the cases of missing Black women and girls that have gone largely unreported. The host, Amara Cofer, covers each case with compassion and sensitivity. Quite a few of the cases remain unsolved murders or missing persons. Once in a while, she gives an update on cases that have been covered in previous episodes. The podcasts highlights these cold cases with the hopes that someone might hear it and be able to provide information that can help give the victim’s families closure.

Another favorite is Unsolved Murders ( This is a rather unique podcast because it takes famous cases and presents them in audio drama format. The voice actors are great at their jobs. They often cover older cases from the early 20th century, so the narrator provides details about the time period and about criminal investigations at the time. 

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