Friday Five Writing Prompt

Decided to give a go with the writing challenge at Long and Short reviews once more.

privacy, horn, rocket, track, party

Dean Driscoll covered his ears at the sound of the racket outside. He’d close the door, but then if would get stifling hot in here. Loud music, horns honking, people laughing. It was a party out there- which he wasn’t at and hadn’t been invited too. Just as well. He was a serious scientist-unlike all the other who were out there getting drunk and acting silly. Sure, they had a successful rocket launch but one day’s success was not enough. He and all the rest worked out here at Facility Q9-a top secret community of scientists off the grid in Northern California.

Dean tapped his pencil against the paper, trying to work out calculations in his head. He’d sketched out the strange triangular object he’d observed and was desperate to figure out how it could possible have moved so fast.  It might be important. I could be the Reds. He glanced at the newspaper laying on the opposite chair. Soviets suspected to be ready for a launch.  He shuddered.

All the fighting that had gone on in the war and here the were, 1955, and dangerously close to losing freedom all over again. 

And all any of his colleagues could do was throw a party over one minor success.

“You aren’t going to the party Dr. Driscoll?” A voice, a voice he knew, broke through his thoughts. He stood up straight, startled, knocking his pens to the floor. Harry Vickers always had that effect on him. 

“I wasn’t invited,” Dean replied.

“Neither was I,” Harry said with a shy smile, “Always the odd men out aren’t we?”

“I suppose,” Dean responded his cheeks flushed. He thought Harry was handsome, brilliant, and brave. So did the others-which is why he was here at Facility Q9. But even a place this top secret and off the grid had certain codes. A Black scientist like Harry didn’t mix too freely with the rest of the colleagues. Except Dean. 

“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” Harry said. “More calculations?”

“Yes,” Dean answered, focusing back on the science, which was better than focusing on Harry’s stunning good looks and soft brown eyes. 

“If you want your privacy…” Harry’s voice trailed off.

“No. Come on in. After all, you were the one doing the flying.”

Harry was one of the best pilots at Facility Q9. Rumor was he’d flown a few experimental craft for the official military, before being recruited by the Facility. Dean had be a passenger on that fateful day when the small plane had come across the triangular object streaming across the sky. They’d tracked it as far and as fast a possible, but it had gotten lost over the ocean.

Harry took off his jacket, and set down a bottle of soda. Dean gestured for him to come closer and take a look at the sketch.

“The math doesn’t add up. Is shouldn’t have been able to move quite like that. And definitely not that fast.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it?”

Dean took a deep breath. He’s never said it out loud to any of his other colleagues but maybe he’d take a chance with Harry.

“Do you think it could be extraterrestrial?”

Harry gave him a long, slow look. Dean gulped. His hands shook. Now, he’d be seen as a nut case. This facility collected all kinds of strange objects with supposed mythical origins. They chased down rumors of abilities ranging from teleportation to telepathy. And the recent wave of sightings had led a few scientists to wink wink nudge nudge certain ideas about intelligences outside of this planet.

“I don’t discount anything anymore. Not after what I’ve seen,” Harry replied.


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  1. Oooh, this is interesting! Welcome back and I do hope you continue this!

    I need to get back at it myself… I have a dead body chilling in a museum at last check. Hahaha.

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    1. Hi! So glad you stopped by. I’m going to keep going. I have a main story set in the same place. Please keep yours going. A fan here.:)


      1. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

        And I will, even if it takes me a couple weeks (I have friends visiting and a kid graduating college!!). Makes me happy that someone else likes my crazy boys. 😀

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