What I wanted to do vs. what I actually do

Well. Well. Well.

i always knew that I wanted to travel, so I figured whatever I did I’d live in a foreign country, which I do. At the time I wanted to love in Mexico or England. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably because  I only knew anything about a handful of countries. 😀

I knew I wanted to write a book someday.  I used to make little books and handmade covers; most with bizarre plots. I wanted to be on the radio too. I used to make up radio plays with with my tape recorder and have my sister help with sound effects. I also wanted to work in a museum, ie. The Smithsonian or the British Museum.

About college time I was under pressure to be a lawyer, teacher, or minister. I did get a teaching certificate, but never liked teaching high school.  I took the law school exam, but didn’t pursue it when I discovered I had no interest. I had no desire to go into ministry, and that caused a big rift with my family for years.

At the moment, I’m happy with my job. I work as a university lecturer. It’s not the first job I thought of as a child, but it suits me, and it gives me flexibility to go to all my daughters school events. And I get to spend a lot of time in the library.

And I get to write!!

10 thoughts on “What I wanted to do vs. what I actually do

  1. ‘a lawyer, a teacher, or a minister’ – that sounds like the start of a really bad joke. Hah. Glad you were able to find something you enjoy doing that also gives you the ability to do what you love.

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