The strangest things I’ve eaten



One thing I’ve learned is that what is strange to me, may not be strange to anyone else. I used to think Vegemite was strange. So, I thought I’d mention some of the more unusual foods I’ve tried.

Japanese food is very different from western food. I took me a while to get used to rice, tofu, seaweed, miso as basic to a daily diet. Nowadays, lots of people around the world eat Japanese food so I don’t think it’s so odd for younger people. Cuisine had gone global rapidly in the past few decades.


One of the unusual foods I enjoyed were dandelions. On this site, there is a recipe for sesame spinach and dandelions. ( I had no idea they could be eaten, but one of my  Japanese friends made it for dinner. I’ve never tried to make it on my own.

bamboo-rice-takenoko-gohan-III have fallen in love with bamboo for cooking. One of my absolute favorites now is bamboo rice. My husband and his friends too me to pick fresh bamboo. The smell of it cooking is absolutely wonderful and I look forward to it in season. There is a wonderful recipe on (Just One

On the odder end, I did try snake soup in Hong Kong. Eels took some getting used to, but now I don’t mind it so much. I actually like grilled eels.

Locusts, however, were not something I could really get used to. I did try fried locusts. It was…crunchy. Bugs are a food source in many parts of the world and many eco-friendly activists are advocating eating bugs as better for the earth.There are online recipes for honey and miso locusts, grub granola, and grasshopper tacos.  It is also believed to be a way to solve the growing resource problem. One SF series I like by Becky Chambers, had her crew members eating bugs and this is a real possibility for colonies and space travel.

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  1. Patrick Prescott Avatar
    Patrick Prescott

    There’s a Tai restaurant I like here that has bamboo in almost all of its entre’ s


  2. Wow, those dishes sound good! I want to try them.

    My post.


  3. My great grandmother used to make dandelion salad often. I’ve never had it, but it looks good.


  4. I hate bugs, so naturally I don’t eat them. Yuck. Interesting post. I do like dandelions in salad. Ever tried dandelion wine? Thanks for sharing. Here’s mine.


  5. Locus and snake soup I’ve haven’t had but everything else I so have! And did not know people eat Dandelion!! I’m gonna have to try it! Thanks for your input!! Check mine out at

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    1. – my thumbs are too big for my phone lol

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  6. Bamboo is just gorgeous to eat. Love the texture, and it’s so yummy when pickled.

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