Friday Five August 6

I’m back. Still working on my vampire. I like him, so maybe I’ll sit down and try to write a story. Maybe a M/M /vampire/cozy mystery hybrid. Resort, time, rush, retreat, axis Anaximander was getting impatient waiting for the sun to go down. The study library was cool and stacked with volumes of books from […]

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Friday Five July 16

Green, tumble, meet, parking, concept You would think being on a stakeout with a vampire would be easy, Oliver thought, as he pushed back the seat to give himself a little leg room. It was his friend’s Honda and a bit cramped. His partner in crime so to speak was the vampire Anaximander.  Anaximander was in […]

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Friday Five July 2

Bullet, risk, groan, ignore, absence Oliver groaned as he tried to sit up. A sharp pain hit him. He tried to ignore it. He sat up and the pain raced back down through him. He lay back down. It hurt worse than he thought. He’d never been shot before. He’d never been beaten to a […]

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Friday Five June 25

 ally, food, pool, revenge, tense Blood pooled around the victims body, sticky against the floor. Oliver gave this a curious look. Part revulsion; part fear? Anaximander wasn’t certain. “It’s Peter Hargreaves,” Oliver said quietly. “You know him?” “Who doesn’t?” I don’t, Anaximander thought but he didn’t answer. It was obvious that a reply wasn’t needed. This […]

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Friday Five June 4th image bar express redeem privilege Anaximander took the special members only entrance to the club. A rare privilege as he had fallen out of favor with the local Vampire court. This was proof he had slowly begun to redeem himself. The Court had worked hard to develop an image of respectability and his flamboyant lifestyle […]

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Recent Topics I’ve Googled

This is an interesting topic, so I decided I’d like to know what it is I’ve googled. Since most of my desktop searches are for work their wasn’t much outside of technical and work sites. So I decided to look at my iPad and phone to see what I’ve been googling.  Episodes of Star Trek, […]

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Friday Five April 30

Proper brand husband pigeon offend This week’s entry: Anthony strolled around the park, trying his best to look natural. This was not easy. He was a big guy, imposing, and he had to work hard to make sure people didn’t see him as a threat. He had tried to dress up but not to0 much-clean […]

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Friday Five April 24

Words: increase retire dairy hiccup verdict Anthony watched the end of the clip. He saw the tiny thin, defeated man with long, lank dreadlocks, being led away in handcuffs. It was always painful to see and he hated that the local station wanted to make a spectacle of him.  The jury is expected to reach […]

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Creative Outlets I enjoy

My main creative outlet is writing; but it has a different focus when I’m working on things to submit or publish. I’m a newbie so I’m still searching for my own voice. Recently, I like writing horror and spooky stories. I’ve had fun doing Friday Five and I’ve taken the starter posts and written some […]

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